Mortgage Banking

No industry has seen a transformation as the Mortgage industry has in the past decade. MortgageMaster is Traical's answer to help businesses effectively manage these changes.

Mortgage Post Closing

We can assist you in managing defaulted assets for almost all mortgage loan types including FHA loans, VA loans & USDA loans.

Appraisal Support Services

Mortgage Appraisal Support Services helps to verify the accuracy of appraisal reports. It is beneficial to figure out the correct market value of Real Estate Property.

Mortgage Title Support

We have a team of well qualified and experienced experts to take care of all your title search needs whether it is title insurance, title commitment, ordering and title examination.

Healthcare & Pharma

PatientFirst is a blend of our deep domain expertise with the experience of our industry partners. Traical assists clients in effectively managing their purchasing ecosystem.


We help lawyers and law firms reduce overheads and improve turnaround times, without ever sacrificing quality.  Our comprehensive legal support services keep your law practice running efficiently.

About Us

Traical means growth

Traical is derived from the Sanskrit word Traicalya which means growth. Ultimately, this is what we seek to achieve for our clients in today's dynamic, volatile and disruptive business environment. Traical helps client focus on the core strengths and strategic aspects of their business and non-core activities which divert time away from these are Traical's focus. We develop processes and streamline non-core functions, so your attention is never diverted.


Diane Gozza

Diane has more than 20 years’ experience in senior-level leadership positions creating long term value for national organizations such as Experian, Fidelity National Financial and Fair Isaac Corporation.

Sachin Malhotra

Sachin has more than 18 years’ experience in the global outsourcing industry having worked with GE Capital and GE WMC. He has worked in the US Mortgage as well as US Healthcare industry.